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TJF Consulting provides expert facilitation, presentations, and mentoring to

Build capacity to thrive in complexity



Success in complex environments requires us to see patterns and to move together in concert.  Leaders at all levels must learn to adapt, predict, and observe both what is happening and how it is happening.  TJF consulting works with groups to develop a way forward.  As we address specific real time challenges faced by your group, we work to build the capacity of individuals to lead by engaging others.  This is a critical leadership skill as predictions come true or new realities become apparent.  Click on the Strategic Capacity Building button above to learn how we can build your group's capacity to see patterns, create engaging opportunities for visioning and planning, and catalyze lasting shifts in workplace cultures.


Often, we become so focused on the outcome of our work that we do not give enough attention to our process.  This is a lost opportunity.  In today's complex world, not only the desired outcome, but the team itself is always moving, morphing, and changing.  Organizations need leaders at all levels to be equipped with tools to engage everyone, quickly, fully, and efficiently.  Leading in this way lets everyone adapt, contribute, and thrive.  Click on the Systemic Capacity Building button above to learn how to build systemic capacity to design meetings that include and unleash everyone's potential, promote more civil workplaces, and develop working communities that sustain change initiatives.

Mentoring catalyzes learning.  Forming an individual or small group mentoring relationship can both accomplish tasks and build individual capacity at the same time.   How we work together and what we work on is up to you.  For example, we can help you build confidence in using Liberating Structures, consult about how best to make a culture shift in your group, or simply provide an experienced eye to review a planned change initiative.  TJF Consulting can help you build your individual capacities as a leader.  To get started, contact Tim Jaasko-Fisher at 253.227.8807 or e-mail  You can also join us for our free Designer's Workshop – see our resources page for details.  Click on the Individual Capacity Building button above for details.